★my diary★


6:19 am

wow! my first entry! it's 5 days until christmas! anyway, let me talk about my day. which technically happened on the 19th.. don't worry about it. so my mom got up and showered kind of early today at around 5:30, which confused me since it was saturday and i expected her sleep in a little longer. i knew she was going to the store though so i got ready and went with her. it turns out she got up so early because she wanted to go to the grocery store when there would be less people, which i understood. but when we went to the grocery store there were still alot of people in there!!! at 7 in the morning!!! she said she thought it was because it's the last weekend before christmas and that everyone's running to get everything last minute. after we left the grocery store we went to dollar tree. i wore out my miku mask today and there was a girl in the store with blue hair and an n64 shirt and i couldn't tell if she was looking at it or not but i'm so shy i didn't even look up at her face. i only saw the back of her head and the shirt she had on. when we left the store some lady asked us to jump her car and that took longer than i wish it did. when it was still dark outside, it was really pretty downtown. all the christmas lights and trees were all lit up. after we left the stores it started to become light outside. i really like how it looks outside in the morning- when it's not cloudy at the very least. i'm really glad i went out because i've been inside for a few weeks and it's been so boring. i can't wait for all of this stuff to clear up. i think i might be getting depressed again from both my sleep schedule and how antisocial i've been because of quarantine.